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Hire a Virtual Grant Manager

A track record that includes extensive foundation management and reviews of 1,000s of grants over 25+ years enables me to assist with almost any facet of your foundation operation. A brief orientation will enable me to begin work, with little or no start-up learning curve. Consider some of the ways I can help your foundation.

  • Foundation administration
  • Preparation of board materials
  • Grant reviews, summaries and recommendations, if requested
  • Philanthropic guidance and consulting
  • Communications – inspiration and execution
  • Facilitate family conversations about giving
  • Handle other administrative “back office” needs
  • Disposition of records for archive or library retention

Time Limited Foundations

Are you interested in spending down near term, or in your lifetime?

"Do your giving while you’re living, so you’re knowing where it’s going.” – Ann Landers


Explore how to “Sunset” your Foundation…transform your assets into final gifts that matter.

Some reasons you and your family might consider a shorter horizon:

  • Your wishes are maintained, making commitment to donor intent.
  • Great impact is possible by having a strategic focus on grant related problem solving concentrated in a finite number of years.
  • You are assured that trusted family and advisors will provide leadership and stewardship.
  • Administratively removes burden to family that do not want to carry out mission in perpetuity.
  • Once a rather uncommon act has now grown in popularity given the stated “spend down” and Giving Pledges approach by Warren Buffet, Bill and Melinda Gates and other foundations.
Grant Guru Waco - Maggie McCarthy


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